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Immerse everyone in your best ideas

Turn great ideas into great products with 3D creation tools built for design teams. Go beyond the bounds of 2D sketching to explore ideas in a virtual studio, and let others in to help build on them.

The Gravity Sketch Platform

A virtual space to unleash creativity

  • In VR

    Compatible with standalone and tethered headsets.

  • On Screen

    No VR headset, no problem. Join rooms from your desktop to review and give feedback on designs.

  • LandingPad

    Your cloud-based design hub to access all 2D and 3D content anytime, anywhere.

    • Save 3D creations, reference images, and models to access across devices

    • Easily share your designs and rooms with others with the click of a button

    • Access a free library of reference models and prefabs

    Works in

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Enhance your design process

Unlock new levels of creativity

Express an idea as you imagined it, as intuitive tools and gestural actions unleash your creativity in 3D – with built-in geometry from the first stroke.

Use precious time wisely

Work effectively across teams and solve challenges earlier in the workflow by assessing the feasibility of a design, bringing in the right feedback, and working at 1:1 scale.

Get your team aligned

Set up virtual rooms for projects that facilitate co-creation, reviews and discussions in real-time or asynchronously – giving a shared point of reference across teams.

Maintain design intent

Communicate designs with set viewpoints and environments, to show your full ideas to others who can give contextualized feedback directly onto 3D designs.

Simple tools with infinite possibilities

  • Build with real-world proportions

    Sketch alongside Gravity Sketch's pre-loaded prefabs and reference images, or import engineering data to sketch with the right dimensions. Work with engineering to make designs more accurate and actionable from the start.

  • Create mesh, NURBS, and Subdivision content

    Each sketch stroke is powered by Gravity Sketch's custom-built 3D geometry engine, no drop down menus or hot keys. Sketch, add volume, and surface designs in SubD, NURBS, or mesh, then export your designs as 3D files.

  • Create and collaborate in one virtual space

    Sketch ideas, build models, and review designs in a collaborative virtual studio, joinable from VR or desktop. Talk through design decisions in real-time and leave targeted feedback directly on the model with sketching and text tools.

  • Integrate your design workflow

    Connect your design workflow with LandingPad. Import 2D or 3D reference content directly into VR, then export your designs from Gravity Sketch as .OBJ, .FBX, or .IGES files to easily keep working in other software.

  • Customize designs with brushes, colors, and textures

    Set your go-to sketching brushes that express your style, and have them on hand every time. Change the color and materials of your creations with a few simple gestures.

  • Work your way in VR, AR, or Mixed Reality

    See creations as they would appear in the real world with built-in AR or MR capabilities. Host design reviews, validate proportions, or design around a physical object with Gravity Sketch in mixed reality.

Integrate Gravity Sketch into Workflows

Whether designing for transportation, industrial design, or apparel & footwear, Gravity Sketch fits seamlessly into your workflow alongside your existing tools.

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