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For the solo creator, freelancer, or design enthusiast: Get started with core Gravity Sketch creation tools, all for free.


For smaller design teams looking to get started quickly: Simple pricing and powerful features get your team creating and communicating faster in Gravity Sketch.


For large organizations looking to transform global workflows with 3D design: Unlock curated Gravity Sketch curriculum and support from a dedicated team of design experts.

  • Full suite of creation tools

    • Sketching
    • Layers
    • Geometry
    • Shapes
    • Surfacing
    • Textures
  • Product Support

  • Import / Export




  • Downloads

    Three 3D downloads per month



  • Collab Rooms

    Free users can own 1 collab room and be invited to 2 other collab rooms. Paid plans have unlimited access to collab rooms.




  • Collaborators in a room


    Up to 10

    Up to 30

  • Asynchronous Sharing

  • Creator, Reviewer, and Viewer license types

  • Customer Success Support

  • Customer Success Manager

  • Custom Asset Library

    Build a custom gallery of shared 3D assets across your organization

  • Managed Product Release

    Manage Gravity Sketch versions across the organization with quarterly app updates and secure, stable version management

  • Tailored Onboarding Curriculum

    Train your team with 6 hands-on onboarding sessions customized to your industry and your business.

  • Enhanced Security Features

    • 2FA
    • SSO
  • Education Partner

    Access Gravity Sketch's exclusive student talent pipeline and host co-sponsored studios with the world's top design universities.


"If you wanted to make an interior and an exterior, you’re talking months when using traditional tools and workflows, versus approximately 20 hours in Gravity Sketch."

Michael Smith

Digital Design R&D Manager at Ford

How Gravity Sketch supports enterprise businesses

Design consultancy

Work side by side with a dedicated team of design consultants to learn how to integrate Gravity Sketch into your organization’s product development process. With industry experience and curated curriculum customized to your business, your dedicated design consultant will to help your team over the adoption curve and expedite time to value.

Flexible licensing and rollout

Find power users and navigate the adoption curve of new tech by allowing your team to experiment beyond the number of licenses you have in your plan for the first year, with Gravity Sketch’s flexible licenses. We’ve built our licensing model alongside customers, to prioritize getting the right users experimenting with 3D design, and worry about getting the licensing perfect later.

Talent pipeline support

Gravity Sketch’s higher education program curates curriculum at top design universities around the world to create a pipeline of the next generation design talent. Enterprise customers can access a top-tier talent pool year round, or host a co-sponsored studio to see design talent in action on a branded design brief.

    Security & stability

    Manage your organization’s valuable assets and creations with access and permissions controls to meet your security standards. Enterprise organizations can also control the update and rollout of Gravity Sketch across all users with our managed product release process: controlled quarterly app updates and secure, stable version management.


    1. ISO27001 certified
    2. DCSO approved
    3. TISAX certified

    Loved by leading design teams