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Live streaming studio @ eSports arena’s

the studio not only hosts video games tournaments, but also produces a live stream of the action.

The popularity and continued growth in online viewers prove that eSports has the potential to rival traditional sports
audiences, so we offer professional production values that truly capture the thrills and spills of gaming tournaments.
The technical team at Vision & Excellence delivers the reliability and breadth of features that need to help eSports get
to the next level. We design, build eSports studios and train the video team to capture every emotion of the players and
audience, as well as the battles taking place on the screen.

Media & Broadcasting Solutions – the traditional live production setup

we guide and build from scratch then integrate the best solutions.

We’re offering a full range of technical service for almost all satellite-online channels, media production facilities and
also provide mobile solutions for the rental, wedding, and live-events production industry. Our project work-flow
designs extend in providing the best acoustics, chroma, sound, cabling, lighting, video capturing, routing, mixing, CG,
archiving, media transport and streaming, up-link solutions Etc as well as we carry implications in media technologies
consumption patterns.

Professional equipment’s - the sales, support and training

We share insights and global trends, as well as hands-on demonstrations and train with peers

The Vision & Excellence is supplying high-performance production, post-production, archiving, off-air & on-air media
content distribution equipment and train the operators, system integrators as well. We have long-term experience in
this field and leveraging the direct support of 30+ premium brands, which brings a new perspective to the digital
workspace by deploying solutions that bring efficiency, increased productivity and value to our clients and the

Professional meeting room & the systems - for business and official gatherings

be thrive on creating pitch-perfect meeting services of any scale.

The better the communication more successful the meetings! We have the delay-free solutions to connect people in
real-time with meetings and events concierges on the web-enabled devices, AV-Screens, projectors that integrate
seamlessly into any environment, offering versatile application possibilities. Also, we make decors, soundproofing,
custom furniture’s for meeting rooms and television studios and our professional team will get the job don on time, in
scope, and on budget.

Audio Visuals & Lighting - beyond boardrooms

some projects have smooth installations because some teams seem to work better than others.

With a wide variety of products and services, we provide interior design and tech solutions for anything ranging from
the smallest boardroom meetings to the largest auditorium. Our strength lies in the amazing talents of our team, and
keen attention to the detailed execution of our services that includes interior, sound, lighting installations, and the
electrical works. We bring a re-imagined way of doing things in infrastructure building, acoustics, tech-consultation,
solution design Etc. We offer professional services that support all the communication investments of our clients.

IP enabled media workflow - the revolutionary technology

which demands entirely new skill sets and infrastructure impacting everyone across the media & broadcast chain.

Enormous technical changes are going over the traditional SDI-Coax based media & broadcast systems, which works
very well indeed but migrates into the IP services over the next few years. In our future calculation, we promote clients
investing in the IP production systems and let them benefit its grater routing flexibility offered along with enabling
new workflows such as downstream/centralized production, besides that getting advantages of cabling cost and
weight. Our well-trained tech team integrates IP-media gears, follows the protocols such as SST, NDI, Dante Etc.

High-quality AV interconnects - the custom made digital un-compressed

assemble Ur labelled cables much better than buying them off the shelves in terms of quality, cost, and spec.

Our purpose-built, well-tested cables specifically for the professional Audio-Video signal transport with different
flavours that works in low, mid and long length distance, work in any environments whether it is permanent project
installation or reel loaded mobile units with locking connectors, no matter, we do sell custom cable solutions and
undertake all cabling projects. We stock ultra-reliable cable models in HDMI, UHD-SDI, HD-SDI, Fiber, Data, and Audio
specs that are suitable for any AV usages considering the signal format, resolution, frame rate, frequency, distance Etc.

Live sports production & streaming - deliver broadcast quality results

offering a complete set of professional features including advanced multi-channel instant replays with slow-motion.

We serve dedicated live sports production and streaming systems that deliver professional broadcast quality results.
Also, we offer operator training, tech-support, and supplies production accessories. Our delivered systems are with a
verity of inputs and loaded pro-features including re-play, slow-motion, media playlists, graphics capabilities, character
generator, live sports graphics templates, and their dynamic control also they are easily transportable which comes
with intuitive, touch screen user interface, storage, labeled and colored keyboard, redundant power supply.

Create Awe-Inspiring large venue experiences - the awesome big screens

the LED market is confusing overseas clients’ everyone claims their product is the best, what to do from miles away?

Mostly the clients have no technical background and they ask for best-LED display their money can buy, but the quality
of the LED display depends on their factory, human resources scale, engineers, R&D, International business value also
how it is technically fit? It deserves detailed study and tests over the listed parameters such as gaps between modules,
the flatness of the display surface, white balance effect, pixel pitch Etc We import & fix best known LED’s and controls
for the multiple indoor and outdoor applications, universities, commercial spaces, media rooms, entertainment events
and eSports arenas.

Video transport engine for broadcasters - digitally convert raw video with codec

which comes in smaller, portable boxes or large permanent fixtures to convert the video feeds to the streaming data.

Encoders are an essential tool in IP packet transport and reach audiences everywhere with high-quality content. We
set up a verity of standard and bonded cellular encoders, hubs and transcoder models in order to use by beginners,
professional broadcasters, corporates Etc with a strong knowledge base, we advise the suitable streaming unit for each
environment, production type, and cost but guide in quality content creation, hosting video, make them active in the
online community, engage in interactions, analyze the performance in all devices and support in the monetizing.

Setup and host your ‘Podcast’- ensure everything need to get started on the right foot.

there are a lot of components related to getting your podcast up and running, we can help to launch Ur episodes!

We offer the service-led integration which specializes in the design, implementation, and support of best in class
Podcast solutions to our clients also ensure the system configurations is for the unique needs of the user roadmaps to
Create, Promote, and Monetize a Successful Podcast that grows their Influence and Income by capturing audience
attention with best-in-class recording and streaming quality. It can be used for distance learning, music or vocal
content streaming as well as digital marketing. We also provide custom-designed studio furniture and podcast

Virtual sets - save on studio & set expenses using the media echo system

computer graphics are now able to render scenes with incredible realism, wow audiences with multi-layer effects

A virtual set is a television studio that allows the background to be manipulated in real-time. Virtual sets are becoming
more common as graphic technology improves. It permits to alter the background, layouts or setting with the digital
graphics – designer’s imagination is only the limit. We expertise in setting up the IP and Non-IP based infrastructures,
integrating virtual set enabled video production systems and chroma key compositing. Also, supply virtual set editor
software, create the virtual sets and provide training

Webcasting, social networking – Setup the live streaming and video on demand

human nature by default has been programmed to be socially active to a certain extent, now found the internet way!

How to Increase audience on blogs, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Skype, LinkedIn Etc.
Depends on content, the social network can help you to create a group for business, work, branding, and entertainment
but to actively cooperate with them in terms of stream, engage n’ monetization then you need to add a quality photovideo content, which means create and distribute them with a set of pro-gears. We set up the hardware, software side
of the media production and streaming workflow that accommodate varying bandwidth and devices for large-scale

Builds the professional media Training & Certification facility – we understand ‘Education’

students can use studios and control rooms to train with the same digital technology used in professional Cinema

Video touches virtually every corner of today’s schools and universities. As a leading system integrator of video
facilities for prominent broadcast networks and corporations, Vision & Excellence uniquely qualified to build the
campus studios and control rooms, upgrading existing facilities to digital setup, and expand the network infrastructure
to leverage the power of online broadcasting or audio, video production and training. We open up a world of exciting
new possibilities of enlivening the college sports experience, training of future communications, and reinforces the
school’s and university’s prestige in the world.

Classic interiors & custom designed furniture’s – that meets technical requirements, budget.

our master artists manually work with the finest raw materials to build a unique and recognizable style of ‘TechInteriors’

Our team of architects can create customized projects, from preliminary sketches through to the final construction, for
the most prestigious tech space like production studios, conference rooms, auditoriums, and other corporate areas.
The special materials used to upholster the voice room walls, sound-absorbing material used in the studio rooms, the
curtains of meeting rooms, the premium woods works of studio rooms and the exotic carpets of tech floors all enhance
the elegant and exclusivity of your professional appearance. Furniture can also include charging and are able to access
all the devices at any time.

‘Live Events’ – the same reliable, high-calibre video solutions for Ur live event production

we understand the production values and technical challenges of producing audio, lighting and video for live events

We have an extensive understanding of AV technology and can leverage our vast systems integration experience to
design a cost-effective solution tailored to your live event production requirements. Our brands supply a host of
technologies designed to create powerfully, shared online and mobile media experiences as well as deliver video to
big-screens or multiscreen displays- for a live event like sports tournaments and conferences-we know digital
projection, surround sound, and all of the infrastructure necessary to produce dynamic video presentation within
larger venues.

Studio in a ‘BOX’ : compact setup to create corporate and employees training videos

different models of all in one, easy to set up, portable production systems that can work anywhere you go!

We’ve seen the difference huddle spaces, small rooms can also make a video production space to create marketing and
training materials, therefore, we can advise relatively quick and easy to install the video production technology on the
space that employees and trainees will love to use, and utilize. As long as you have the right toolset in place to capture,
cut, title, store and stream the videos, the production is extremely easy and the spaces can have a choice of the virtual
background matches Ur business. We supply flexible/compact professional-grade solutions for content creation,
distribution but offered at a competitive price point.

Surgical broadcast: the exciting Audio-Visual equipment’s to fill the training gaps remotely

Medical students, general practitioners, and nurses all require exposure to surgical practice. How to virtual access?

The operating room isn’t accessible to all of the people who need it for their surgical education. We can overcome the
operating theatre limits and take care of every once interest very carefully with the integration of high-resolution video
capturing and digital media archiving solutions. It permits ‘VIRTUAL ACCESS’ to the operating room for those who can’t
physically be there, the live surgery broadcasting may be the best way to get learn the skills they desire. Video
streaming and bandwidth availability, coupled with the installation of camera systems within operating rooms, we
provide a unique opportunity for medical education.

We design intelligent studios : it is so easy to run everything from a control cockpit

“My mic’s not working!” the camera position is not OKL, Shhhh……. Fed-up with the round of checking?

When suggesting a solution, it makes sense to focus on exciting and simplified ideas. If you can standardize on our
studio-designs, you can manage the whole estate from the comfort of your production console and leverage the power
of automation. We configure the systems and software’s that you can monitor in a single window and manage the status
of any IT-friendly, network-enabled models and it for device setup, monitoring, control, maintenance, and user support.
The dashboard can warn if it suspects something is about to go wrong, show the battery level of wireless microphones,
control lighting systems, and camera robotics, manage production switchers, virtual-set & graphics, AV servers Etc.

Live translation system : identify the best solution for your multilingual occasion

deliver an interactive, enjoyable, learning session by provisioning a quality communication system

Where is the event taking place? How large of an area to be covered? How many languages will be spoken? Will there
be competing devices and signals at the venue? so many questions need addressing as we narrow down your options.
Anyhow, with speakers and attendees coming from multiple countries where different languages are spoken, two
things you will need are professional simultaneous interpreters and interpretation technology to ensure that everyone
is able to listen, understand, and contribute to the discussion. And we supply, integrate and train to use our equipment
options available to facilitate language interpretation in the FM and IR models.