Sennheiser MZW 600 Foam Windshield

90 SAR

Sennheiser MZW 600 Features:

  • Foam wind shield for the Sennheiser MKE 600 shotgun microphone (sold separately)
  • Reduces wind noise by about -25dB
  • Gives you clean, intelligible recordings

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Foam windshield for MKE 600 that reduces wind noise by around 25 dB

Clean Up Your Field Recordings

Is wind noise wrecking your on-location videos? Put a Sennheiser MZW 600 on your shotgun mic, and your problems will be over. This foam wind shield reduces wind noise by about -25dB to give you clean, intelligible recordings. At Sweetwater, we recommend a good wind shield like the MZW 600 for anybody using a shotgun microphone.


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