About Us

The Vision & Excellence opened its doors in Saudi Arabia in 2017. At that time the Civil Defence had an idea of opening the new Convention Center & Media Production Studio at Al-Kharj. They had discussed their plans with Mr. Ali Aldawsary a general contractor, businessman, and football enthusiast, who fulfilled the previous projects timely and successfully. And they had expressed their interest to Mr. Ali that, he to take the responsibility of doing the government-funded project and complete it in time for a diplomatic event. Mr. Ali agreed but, the project needs a qualified and skilled person who would develop the technical infrastructure and provide those solutions in time, that was a challenge! Fast forward to the arrangements Mr. Ali met Eng.Manoj Kumar through contacts and amazed in his professional influence with international manufacturers and suppliers, who also held many of the noted projects in Saudi Arabia found articulated in the international magazines, so, within a few days, they were mapped out the infrastructure and elevated to provide their services to the client and completed the government project, which assists in the growth of a new business idea that later named ‘Vision & Excellence’.

Our Mission

Vision & Excellence now the leading technology service provider for the AV, Media & Broadcast industry. Our mission is to deliver pro-quality products and world-class solutions in the region. Our major clients are production houses, broadcasters, e-sports arenas, universities, hospitals, defense, Govt. Departments and the Events industry, we continue to expand where our clients need us throughout the region and abroad. We are proud to be part of the Saudi Vision 2030.



Ali Al Dossary


Manoj Kumar

CEO, Co-Founder

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